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Preliminary Program

The next doctoral course on SIFER will be held on 24th - 28th September 2018

INRA Campus in Champenoux, France

Please notice:
  • The course will be held entirely in English
  • Participants should arrive in Nancy on Sunday, and stay until Saturday
  • The program as shown in this section reflects the course content of previous years and may be slightly modified. A detailed agenda will be available for download one month before the course
  • The course is recognized by SIRENA doctorate school  (Nancy). Students will receive a certificate with the course contents and duration. This course is equivalent to 3 ECTS credits.
  • An introduction to stable isotope terminology and chemistry
  • Instrumentation and measurement quality
  • Instrumentation and measurement quality
  • Carbon isotope discrimination at the leaf level
  • Tree-ring δ13C: signal transfer from the leaf
  • The fate of carbon isotope in soils and food webs
  • Sources of plant 15N variations
  • N turnover and soil N fluxes
  • Stable alkaline earth metal isotopes to study Ca and Mg
  • O & H isotopes from precipitation to soil water
  • Stable isotopes to infer the depth of soil water extraction
  • Leaf water and tree organic matter
Computing exercises
  • Normalization and standardization of raw IRMS data
  • Mixing model and source partitioning
  • Biological nitrogen fixation by the 15N dilution method
  • Water-use efficiency estimated from δ13C in tree rings
Practical works (groups of 4/5 students)
  • Photosynthetic and post-photosynthetic fractionation
  • Leaf water oxygen isotope and stomatal conductance
  • Uptake of inorganic nitrogen from soil
  • Tracing 13C using laser absorption spectroscopy