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SIGMEA is a cross-disciplinary European Policy-Oriented Research Project (FP6-2002-SSP1, contract n°501986) which started in May 2004 and finished end of 2007. In order to determine what is needed for the sustainable introduction of GM crops in Europe, SIGMEA was set up to create a science-based framework to inform decision-makers about the appropriate coexistence and traceability measures.

To this end, SIGMEA brought together 44 research teams and thereby the principal programmes studying gene flow in a large number of countries across Europe, representing a wide range of agricultural systems including organic farming.

Within the last 5 years, SIGMEA has accomplished a full scope of objectives. They range from the collection and the analysis of all available European data on gene flow and the environmental impacts of major GM crops as well as from the design of predictive gene flow models at the landscape level, to the analysis of the technical feasibility and economic pertinence of coexistence in the principal farming regions of Europe. This has made it possible to propose public and farm scale decision-making tools, as well as guidelines regarding management and governance.

This web site aims at presenting the objectives of SIGMEA and making publicly available the outcomes of the project: final activity report, deliverables and the list of publications.