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The SUSDIET Research Project: Towards Sustainable Diets in Europe

The SUSDIET project is a research project funded in the framework of the ERANET SUSFOOD Call. Its main goal is to identify sustainable diets compatible with consumers' preferences in Europe and analyse the public and private policies wich could favor their adoption.

This project is funded by the national funders involved in the ERANET-SUSFOOD Consortium and the Daniel and Nina Carasso foundation

The SUSDIET consortium is composed of 15 highly-experienced teams from 9 European countries. The approach is multi-disciplinary, with experts in economics, nutrition, consumer research, public health, and environmental science.

Final report SUSDIET octobre 2017

The goal of this report is to present the results obtained in the project regarding the definition of
sustainable dietary recommendations, the consumer preferences and their trade‐offs between
multiple sustainability aspects, and the public policies aimed at favouring the adoption of more
sustainable diets.    



Newsletter-9 - 2017 October

A comparative analysis of food demand and its determinants in six EU countries.

  • The objectives of the SUSDIET project
  • Question 1: what impact on health, environment and consumer welfare may we expect from changes in dietary patterns?
  • Question 2: to what extent do consumers take into account sustainability issues in their decisions?
  • Question 3: to what extent information and labelling policies may affect the consumers’ trade-offs?
  • Questions 4: to what extent fiscal policies may affect the consumers’ trade-offs?


Newsletter-8 - 2017 September

A comparative analysis of food demand and its determinants in six EU countries.

  • Analysing the impact of a carbon tax on european diets

Newsletter-7 - 2017 June

A comparative analysis of food demand and its determinants in six EU countries.

  • Introduction
  • The empirical model and its estimation
  • Response of demand for foods to their own-prices
  • Food demand and household expenditure
  • Substitutability and complementarity among foods
  • Concluding remarks

Newsletter-6 - 2017 January

  • Are healthy and ethical attributes of foods complement or substitute?
  • The impact of nutritional labeling and food choices:evidences from a field experiment at a university cafeteria
  • Analysis of the introduction of new products with sustainability related claims in the UK
  • Labelling for sustainable food: Impact of nutritional and environmental logos in a food choice experiment
  • How are message characteristics, past consumption and false beliefs associated with intentions to consume meat and plant-based alternatives in future?

Newsletter-5 - 2016 September

  • Analysis of the impact of the introduction of traffic lights nutritional system on food purchases in the UK
  • Sustainable seafood consumption
  • Is there a social multiplier? Measuring the impact of social norms on policy interventions about food consumption
  • An environmental tax towards more sustainable food consumption: empirical evidence of the French meat and marine food consumption

Newsletter-4 - 2016 September

  • Environmental impacts of information campaigns on nutrition
  • Climate change, carbon footprint and labelling – Consumer responses)
  • Label proliferation and consumers’ confusion. The weak impact of sustainability labels on the value of chocolate

Newsletter-3 - 2016 June

  • Sustainability of self-seleted diets: a review
  • Diet modelling using linear programming
  • Economic modeling of consumers’ response to dietary recommendations
  • Modelling the health effects of shifting to a sustainable diet

Newsletter-2 - 2015 September

  • Diet modeling and assessment of nutritional and greenhouse gas emissions (GHGE) impacts of dietary changes
  • Food consumption collection and harmonization
  • Creating harmonized climate impact estimates for average European foods
  • Estimating the health impacts of diet changes


Newsletter-1 - 2015 September

The SUSDIET Research Project: Towards Sustainable Diets in Europe

  • Assessing the health and environmental impacts of current and alternative Diets
  • Understanding consumer preferences for food and the formation of whole diets
  • Policy instruments supporting better and more informed choices
  • Policy instruments and innovations affecting the market environment
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