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Saba Keyvanshokoui will defend its PhD thesis March 7, 2018 in Aix en Provence (please see attached flyer).
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Possibility to run the models on a remote machine

The VSOIL platform offers the possibility to run the models on a remote machine, thus freeing the machine of the user for simulations requiring long...
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Parameters Estimation with the Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

VSoil proposes the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm for non-linear problems parameters estimation.
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Parameters Estimation with the DREAM method

The DREAM method (DiffeRential Evolution Adaptative Metropolis) is now proposed for the estimation of many parameters.
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Sensitivity Analysis

VSoil offers an easy access to sensitivity analysis methods for the models developed within the platform.
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Landmarks 2013 :

  • Launch of version 1.0 of the virtual soil platform 1rst March 2013. The plateform is now complete with its 4 softwares, from processes definition to model usage. (Click here to download)

Previous landmarks :

  • November 2012: Training to the complete Vsoil platform.

The aim is to train new platform users and to favour the exchanges between them.

  • The platform is a partner of two scientific projects of the Environment and Agronomy Department. The platform is also involved in the AnaEE-France project. See the AnaEE web site for details. (
  • Two training sessions have been organized in 2011.
  • During summer 2011 : a summer practical training for automation of tests for the graphical user interfaces. Its is a first step towards the setting up of a continuous integration platform.
  • August 2010. An engineer joined the development team. September 2010 a student in alternating training (BTS level) joined the team.
  • July 2010 : A document describing the technical choices is released. This document is based on the analysis document and prepares the detailed conception document.
  • November 2009: An analysis document is released. It is based on the functionnal specifications given by the Management Group in charge of platform development overseing.
  • January 2009 : The Environmment and Agronomy Department of INRA launches the Vsoil platform project. It defines the organisation of the project.
  • February 2008 The E&A department sets up a group of scientists with various thematic fields to define the functionnal specifications of the platform. The group visited most of the laboratories and the document containing the functionnal specifications was available by the end of October 2008.
  • November 2006 The deparrment sets up four reflexion groups with different thematic fields.
  • April 2006 The Environment and Agronomy Department initiates the idea of setting up a modeling platform. Its aims are : to promote the development of models for the simulation of the various processes occuring in the soil and at the interfaces between the soil and the atmosphere ; to promote the re-use of models and modules developped ; to promote the collaboration between scientists of various thematic fields ; to promote the collaboration between specialists of the modelling and specialists of observations.