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2017.03 Workshops on mainideotyping results of the Wheatamix project (WP 3.1)

The main results on cultivar mixture participatory ideotyping (2-years of collaborative work from 2014 to 2016) have been presented by Julie Borg and Arnaud Gauffreteau (WP31).

These meetings were respectively organized by the agricultural farm advisors from Cher, Indre, Eure (in june) and other French departments soon.

After a brief introduction on the context of varietal mixture use, the talk was focused on:

- ideotyping and association rules designed for locally adapted mixtures

- results of two-years field experiments : yield, quality and risk of practicing varietal mixture

- first developments of a multicriteria evaluation tool, available for foliar disease at the moment

- interviews of the wheat supply chain actors to identify levers to the varietal mixture use

Discussions with the participants allowed the “non-praticians” to know better varietal mixtures, or to develop association rules already used by farmers. Discussions allowed also improving the multicriteria evaluation tool to better respond to users’ objectives.

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