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2017.04 Analyses of multiservice and services/variety traits (WP2)

In the WP2, four tasks aim at at analyzing relationship between ecosystem services and variety traits measured.

(i) analyzing of synergies and compromises between ecosystem services studied in the Wheatamix project
(ii) analyzing statistically the role of varietal diversity on the multi-service
(iii) studying the roles of varietal richness, functional diversity and phylogenetic diversity on the multi-service
(iv) linking key varietal traits observed on field experiments and group of services produced

A first meeting occurred on the 12th april at the LEM (Lyon, France), which allowed stating the “variety traits matrix” and the “ecosystem services matrix”, and starting discussions on the multiservice analyses and their relations to multi-traits. In a workshop, participants started exploring different approaches to analyse synergies and compromises between services, and to study relation between groups of services and groups of variety traits.

Three supplementary meetings are planned to continue these analyses:

* Wednesday 14th June

* Tuesday 12th September

* Thursday 23th November

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