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Members involved in Wheatamix

Wheatamix meets together:

  • research teams in ten laboratories, concerning genetics, ecology, phytopathology, economy...
  • five "Chambres d'Agriculture" and one FDGEDA (Departmental Federation of study Groups and Agricultural Development)

Follow the links to know more about them.

Research laboratories

  • UMR GQE: Quantitative Genetics and Evolution (>>>)
  • UMR iEES Paris: Institute of ecology and environmental sciences - Paris (ex-Bioemco), team "Integrative Ecology : from mechanisms to ecosystem services" (>>>)
  • UR BIOGER: BIOlogy and risk management in agriculture (>>>)
  • UMR CESCO: Center of Ecology and Sciences of COnservation (ex-CERSP) (>>>)
  • UMR ECOSYS: Functional Ecology and Ecotoxicology of agroecosystems (>>>)
  • UMR GAEL: Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory (>>>)
  • UMR GDEC: Genetics, Diversity and Ecophysiology of Cereals (>>>)
  • UMR LEM: Microbial Ecology, team "Microbial functional groups and nitrogen cycle" (>>>)
  • UMR SAD-APT: Sciences for Action and Development - Activities, Products, Territories (>>>)

Organizations for agricultural development

  • Departmental Federation of study Groups and Agricultural Development - Cher


  • Chambre d'Agriculture - Eure
  • Chambre d'Agriculture - Indre
  • Chambre d'Agriculture - Loir-et-Cher
  • Chambre d'Agriculture - Loiret
  • Chambre d'Agriculture - Seine-et-Marne