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Takes part in WP2, WP3 and WP4.

Presentation of CAs and FDGEDA

Departemental “Chambre d’Agriculture” (CA) are public institutions in charge of the representation of farmers and foresters interests in public regional policy, and of the agricultural advices to contribute to sustainable development. It cooperates with public authorities, and local and territorial collectivities to achieve various projects (agricultural policies, management of natural resources and forests, economic development, environment…) and provide assistance to farmers.

Departmental Federation of study Groups and Agricultural Development (FDGEDA) is a farmers' association which provides technic and economic assistance to members about agronomy, renewable energies and sustainable development.

Project implications
  • Expertise in agronomic and economic constraints for wheat production in the Paris Basin
  • Identify farmers already practicing cultivar mixtures, to benefit from their expertise
  • Identify farmers and organize  trial to assess the technico-economic interest of wheat mixtures in real life
  • Contribute to the participatory ideotyping exercice

People implied in Wheatamix, in "Chambres d'Agriculture" and FDGEDA

> Céline Cervek, CA Région Centre

> Jean-Dominique Gilet and Bastien Lemain, FDGEDA Cher

> Fabien LeNy and Bertrand Omon, CA Eure

> Marine Feret and Guillaume Houivet, CA Indre

> Stephanie Courtois, Dominique Descoureaux (coordinator of the 6 departments) and Anne Brunet (assistant coordinator), CA Loir-et-Cher

> Laurent Lejars, CA Loiret

> Sébastien Piaud, CA Seine-et-Marne