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UMR Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory


INRA (UMR 1215) - UPMF

Takes part in WP0, WP3 (supervisor) and WP4

Presentation of the UMR GAEL

The Grenoble Applied Economics Laboratory develops researches in economics over innovations in agriculture, as well as analyses of consumer behaviors. In agriculture, studies are linked to innovation in seed sector and biotechnology, as well as consumption behavior for food.

Project implications
  • Economic analysis of innovation development brought by the project
  • Impacts of the introduction of cultivar mixtures on the seed market, and on business strategies of breeding companies
  • Wheatamix-WP3 management

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR GAEL

Stéphane Lemarié, researcher INRA and WP3 task coordinator

Aline Fugeray-Scarbel, study engineer INRA

Link to the website UMR GAEL