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UMR Genetics Diversity et Ecophysiology of Cereals


INRA (UMR 1095)

Takes part in WP1 (supervisor) and WP4.

Presentation of the UMR GDEC

The UMR Genetics Diversity et Ecophysiology of Cereals is focused on quality and yield improvement of wheat, in the contexts of sustainable development and global changes. It aims at better understanding the wheat genomics (structure, organization, evolution…) and the genetic mechanisms controlling agronomics traits (yield, grain quality, resistance to biotic and abiotic stress).

Project implications
  • Expertise in wheat ecophysiology, with specific attention to phenology and nitrogen use efficiency
  • Management of multi-local experiments and use of ecophysiological approaches to study the interest of cultivar mixtures for a better adaptation to abiotic stress (low nitrogen input)

People implied in Wheatamix, at the UMR GDEC

Vincent Allard, research officer INRA and WP1 task coordinator

Link to the website UMR GDEC