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News of the project

2017.01 Annual Meeting for the Wheatamix Project

During 9th and 10th January 2017, Wheatamix members will meet together for the last annual meeting in Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris.
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2016.06 Meeting with study engineers of the DEPHY project Field crops & Polycropping

The annual seminar DEPHY Field crops & Polycropping meet together engineers and project leaders during two days of presentations and farm visits, on...
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2015.09 Meeting report of fields trials in CDA-farmers nework 204-2015

A meeting will take place on 18th september at Gif sur Yvette to close the 2014-2015 season of field trials conducted with agricultural advisers and...
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2015.03 Soil sampling on the Versailles site...

... to characterize the springtail communities (WP2)
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2015.03 Macrofauna sampling on the exprimental site of Versailles

With many participants and despite the challenging climatic conditions, the soil macrofauna on the Versailles site experiment has been sampled in 5...
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2015.02 Workshop on mixture ideotypes 2015 – farmers and agricultural advisers

A workshop with farmers and agricultural advisers in the Eure department (North-Western France) was organized on 9th February at Guichainville (7...
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2014.09: Selection of 16 varieties for the field experiments

Summarizing data collected by the different teams, to choose 16 varieties (among the 60 varieties panel) for blends in field experiments (WP1-2)
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2014.07: Evaluation of the aphid predation rate

A first campaign to measure the aphid predation rate on the experimental site of Versailles, to assess the interest of varietal diversity for...
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2014.05/06: meetings for ideotyping

Two workshops to determine the major rules for variety assocation. These rules will allow designing blends which are adaptated to each production...
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2014.05: Soil sampling

A first soil sampling campaign on the experimental site of Versailles, to study nitrogen activity of the 60 panel varieties and soil microbial...
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